A62 is an Iberian company that specializes on the offer of high-quality hospitality products. We operate in Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola as exclusive representatives of Groupe GM, a world leader in the supply of trademark cosmetics to hotels.
Groupe GM, as a family business, was created in 1972 by Georges Marchand, the creator of the concept of trademark cosmetics for the hotel market.
From day one, we chose the path of quality and the close collaboration with the most prestigious cosmetic brands.
Over the years, we have been gaining the trust of the best hotels, we have acquired a solid reputation as a 'made-to-measure craftsman' thanks to a continuous strategy of demanding, quality and service.

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Since 1 January 2017, all regional platforms assume the name and brand of GROUPE GM.

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In evolution for more than 40 years, we cover all phases of creation, development, manufacture and distribution of hospitality products.
We provide our customers and brands with the know-how, manufacturing requirements, proximity and a flexible distribution network.
We have an exclusive portfolio of prestigious national and international brands and we develop unique creations upon request.
With a solid presence in more than 120 countries, we have our own regional platforms or exclusive agents, orchestrating a vast commercial mosaic.

A62 - Amenities Exclusivos SA changes its name to GROUPE GM - PENÍNSULA IBÉRICA SA, in order to make communication more effective, improve the group's image and know-how to clients and partners, to extend the scope of its implementation and to increase the 200 million annual consumers.

This change is only observed in the company name, brand name, image and e-mails, so all other elements such as VAT, addresses, telephones and even human resources teams remain the same.


Product quality and safety. Fast and courteous service. Exclusive commitment.

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